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Gathright Van & Storage company is a family-owned business performing thousands of moves every year, since 1927, with a stellar reputation. Through the eras of the prohibition and the great depression, before there were TV ads, online reviews and social media, word of mouth was our primary source of new business. This is how we know how important happy customers are; we have been operating and growing every year solely thanks to our happy customers, who are today as they were nearly a century ago, the entire foundation for our business and the reason for our continued success.

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We aim to provide the most affordable and high quality relocation experience, prioritizing both transparency and customer satisfaction. We know how important happy customers are; our company has been operating and growing every year solely thanks to our happy customers, who are today as they were nearly a century ago, the entire foundation for our business and an integral part of our success. 





Gathright Van & Storage continues to provide excellent service and improve upon every aspect of the moving experience with every passing year. We make it a point to maintain our uncompromising principals and incorporating valued customer feedback into our company structure as we grow. We continue to draw inspiration from successful companies outside the moving industry to deepen our understanding of good business practices. The following are core values & principles which help guide how we conduct our business:




1. Our power is in our unity; we work as a cohesive team towards a common goal.



2. Customer feedback is pure gold; we believe in proactive customer care



3. Think globally & act locally; we support the communities in which we operate.



4. Love what you do and do what you love; our job is serious but it’s still fun!



5. Raise the bar; we conduct our business with high and self imposed ethical standards



6. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst; we strive for operational excellence



7. Honesty is the best policy; We believe in transparency as a foundation for great service



8. There is nothing constant but change itself; we stay up to date as our industry evolves



9. Never bite off more than you can chew; our growth rate is never at the expense of our quality service



10. High quality doesn’t mean high prices; we keep our standards high and our rates low. 



Gathright is just incredible moving company ! my quote was accurate, they didn't try to nickel and dime me with hidden fees, their movers came on time and made me feel that everything is going to be OK, as they are taking care of the whole moving process. I used their storage for 3 weeks and got a delivery 4 days after my earliest requested date. Thanks guys !
Bianca Mitchel


When you perform professional moves for close to a century, like we have, you pick up a few things along the way. Regardless of how you choose to move, we have some great tips about how to prepare for this exciting and nerve-racking next step… Would you like to know more?

Moving can be overwhelming, with so many things to plan and think of, where do you even start...? We put together a moving checklist along with a comprehensive moving guide, filled with pro tips based on years of experience and lots of happy customers.

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