Gathright Van & Storage company is a family-owned business performing thousands of moves every year, since 1927, with a stellar reputation. Through the eras of the prohibition and the great depression, before there were TV ads, online reviews and social media, word of mouth was our primary source of new business. This is how we know how important happy customers are; we have been operating and growing every year solely thanks to our happy customers, who are today as they were nearly a century ago, the entire foundation for our business and the reason for our continued success.

As the world moved forward from the model T, thankfully so did we; our company has been steadily evolving to continue and meet the growing demand, from one home base in Arkansas to over two dozen locations across the country and from a handful of pickup trucks to one of the largest and most up to date fleets in the country. 

The secret to our success is that we care about what we do; we never rest on our laurels when there are new ways in which we can continue to learn and improve. From adopting and adapting cutting edge tracking systems and movers’ software to maintaining the kind of customer service and care that got us off the ground all those years ago. Here at Gathright Van & Storage we learn from our vast past experience while keeping an open mind to whichever exciting developments the future has in store.

Here at Gathright Van & Storage we live by the adage of keep it simple; this means we utilize our long distance moving expertise and decades of experience to help you cut through the noise. Moving can be an intricate and complicated thing, and our mission is to simplify this process for you, our customers, by providing an honest and transparent service. 

We know that moving is like going to the dentist: you keep putting off dealing with it but eventually you have to go, and when you do you want it to be as painless as possible, right? that is what we are here for, to make your move a painless and even positive experience.

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